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Directv to Launch 4K Tomorrow
Not that I care much for their video quality as it is ..but this "may" help

Elon Musk confirms satellite plans, announcement '2 - 3 months away'
This weekend the Wall Street Journal published rumors linking everyman billionaire Elon Musk to an internet-via-satellite project and tonight he addressed those rumors. In a tweet Musk said his company SpaceX is "in the early stages of developing advanced micro-satellites operating in large formations." More:

DirecTV's Super-Secret Lawsuit Against Al Jazeera Revealed (Exclusive)
"But possibly even more undercutting of Gore's insinuation that Al Jazeera and DirecTV are in cahoots to steal Gore's money is the allegations tied to whether DirecTV has any obligation whatsoever to carry Al Jazeera America."

More Space Weather
WATCH: Geomagnetic Storm Category G2 Predicted Highest Storm Level Predicted by Day: Nov 08: None (Below G1) Nov 09: None (Below G1) Nov 10: G2 (Moderate) THIS SUPERSEDES ANY/ALL PRIOR WATCHES IN EFFECT Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 55 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude. Induced Currents - Power grid fluctuations can occur. High-latitude power systems may experience volt...

Shy bladder group takes aim at Rob Lowe's DirecTV ad
Shy bladder sufferers want DirecTV to stop airing a television ad where a ?painfully awkward? actor Rob Lowe says that he can?t urinate in public. The satellite TV company suggests its critics should be able to take a joke. Part of a campaign to encourage people to switch from cable, the ad features two Lowes: a handsome one in a slick suit who claims to be a DirecTV customer, and a goofy-lookin...

Dish Loses Subscribers, Calls CNN Blackout -Almost a Nonevent?
Pay-TV Provider Says Profit Suffered Amid Quality-of-Service Issues For the third quarter, Dish?s profit fell sharply due to subscriber losses and a jump in costs. Dish lost 12,000 pay-TV subscribers, compared with an addition of 35,000 net pay-TV subscribers a year ago. Subscriber growth has been hurt by quality-of-service issues, Dish said, including not meeting its own standards for installati...

FCC mulls regulating Internet video like cable, satellite TV
Proposed rule change would guarantee that so-called "over-the-top" Net services have access to the same sort of premium programming the other systems enjoy. The Federal Communications Commission is considering rule changes that could guarantee that Internet video providers have the same access to premium programming as cable and satellite TV providers. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed rule chan...

Honey Poop Poop Canceled
Woohoo!!! No more pig fat kid and morbidly obese trailer mom on TLC, they canceled the show. You'll have to tune into Jerry Springer if you want your fill of disgusting white trash.

National Weather Service Satellite Data Goes Dark, Forecasts May Suffer
The National Weather Service has stopped receiving a full complement of important weather data from the network of weather satellites orbiting the planet for at least a day, which may make the agency's forecasts less accurate with time. This is the latest in a series of technology snafus during the past few years that together point to an agency that needs some serious IT upgrades, although the a...

Talk about getting screwed by DISH!!!
I understand that disputes between greedy channels and greedy providers lead to channels going down. DISH rubs salt in the would with the following. If I were dumb enough to sub to DISH I'd be ripping it off the roof and "hopping" over to Englewood and throwing it though Charlie's office windown. CNN, HLN Dumped From Dish Network, Replaced With MSNBC Programs

Will Time Warner Feel A Bruise From Its Battle With Dish Network?
The entertainment giant likely won?t be bloodied by the new dispute that has left 14.1M Dish Network subscribers unable to watch eight Turner Broadcasting channels, not including TBS and TNT. Veterans of the programming wars expect to see a resolution soon, possibly within days. But the battle could leave stinging bruises at Time Warner if it reinforces the impression that CNN has lost its status ...

Dish Network Dumps CNN, Other Turner Channels
Satellite broadcaster Dish Network is no longer carrying several channels owned by Turner Broadcasting including CNN and Cartoon Network after the companies failed to agree on a new distribution deal. In a statement, Dish said Turner Broadcasting removed the networks after the two companies were unable to come to terms on a new distribution agreement. Turner Broadcasting is a unit of Time Warner ...

The Future of Cable: DISH Network Mounts an Attack
There's a war on for your television. You might not know it, but DISH Network (NASDAQ: DISH ) aims to transform the traditional pay-TV system. The company has plenty of work ahead, but if it gets its way, Americans could have the best option to date for pay-TV services -- and one of the cheapest. Since spring, DISH has been rumored to be working on an over-the-top online television streaming ser...

The sad state of American news channels
Just after 8pm I was sitting down for a late dinner and decided to flip on the news. Problem was actually finding news. Out of the 4 news channels I have on Comcast, only one actually had any news on. Here is what I found: CNN: some show with mike rowe (non-news) CNN HNN: Murder porn show (non-news) Fox News: News MSNBC: Lockup (non-news) Pathetic!!

Dish Network Stakes High In Spectrum Auction
Google won't be there when the Federal Communications Commission auctions off radio spectrum on Nov. 13 ? in contrast to 2008, when speculation over whether the Internet giant would bid for licenses dominated the event. But satellite TV broadcaster Dish Network (NASDAQ:DISH) will be around to provide entertainment. The FCC's AWS-3, or Advanced Wireless Service No. 3, auction marks the first majo...

CBS To Offer OTT Subscription Service
A day after Home Box Office announced its own ambitious over the top plans, CBS one-upped the premium channel, unveiling All Access, a multi-platform subscription service that for a $5.99 monthly fee will give subscribers access to live and on demand programming from its CBS broadcast network and local TV stations, including shows like The Good Wife and Blue Bloods. CBS noted that some spo...

?This will be transformative for our company,? Plepler said during his presentation at Time Warner?s Investor Day confab. Noting that there are now about 10 million households in the U.S. that are broadband-only, he declared: ?It is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO.? "We will go beyond the wall and launch a stand-alone over-the-top service with the potential to produce hundreds o...

37% of US broadband homes use transactional OTT
Findings from market research and consulting company Parks Associates indicate that 37 per cent of US broadband households regularly use transactional services for OTT video, such as online video rentals and downloads. The vast majority of consumers making these la carte purchases also have a streaming video subscription, emphasising the potential role of transactional services to supplement sub...

Devices are to blame for TV ratings tumble, Nielsen says
TV ratings at the biggest networks have been weak this fall, but Nielsen says the problem isn't how much people are watching -- it's where they're tuning in to TV. Friday, Nielsen Global President Steve Hasker said he believed a drop in prime-time broadcast television ratings this fall is the result of people watching content on devices other than televisions. More:

Redbox Instant Shutting Down Oct. 7
Netflix has bested another one. The streaming service from Redbox and Verizon, Redbox Instant, is officially throwing in the towel. Those who subscribe to the $6-per-month service received an email today informing them of the pending shutdown. Redbox Instant also updated its website with brand-new "goodbye" language. "Thank you for being a part of Redbox Instant by Verizon. Please be aware t...