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David Duchovny Teases Details of 'X-Files' Revival
David Duchovny is offering a few teases about his return to The X-Files. The Fox show is coming back as a six-part limited series, and the actor known for playing FBI Agent Fox Mulder recently spoke to The New York Times about the upcoming revival. He said true to The X-Files' history, the limited series will likely be a mix of serialized storytelling and monster of the week episodes. He also sa...

A&E, History, H2, Lifetime now live on Sling TV!
I just fired up an A3 for testing and happened to notice the new channels. History, H2, A&E and Lifetime all up and working good here. No need to update the Sling app or anything

MLS introduces Minnesota United FC as newest expansion team
(Great. More worthless crap in Minnesota and on TV.) Major League Soccer introduced Minnesota United FC as its newest expansion team during a Wednesday press conference at Target Field. United, currently a second-tier NASL club, beat out investors from the Minnesota Vikings to secure an MLS club in Minnesota. "We are proud to welcome Minnesota to Major League Soccer," MLS commissioner Don Garbe...

BBC decides not to renew 'Top Gear' host Clarkson's contract
LONDON (AP) ? The BBC decided Wednesday not to renew the contract of "Top Gear" host Jeremy Clarkson after a fracas with his producer, ending his connection to the immensely popular program built around macho banter, off-color jokes and cars. BBC Director-General Tony Hall concluded that Clarkson struck and launched a 30-minute verbal attack on a producer, Oisin Tymon, while they were filming o...

Fox Close To Announcing Revival Of 'The X-Files' With Short Series Run
Fans of ?The X-Files? desperately ?want to believe? it?s true: A continuation of the sci-fi series could begin shooting as early as this summer. Fox, the network that aired ?The X-Files? between 1993 and 2002, is close to finalizing a deal for a short-order run of the series with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their roles as paranormal investigators Fox Mulder and Dana Scully,...

Destined to become a classic Quote:Dubbed ?Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!?, the latest flick in the series hits the cable channel July 22 at 9 p.m. eastern, according to the network?s Facebook page. This time around Fin, played by Ian Ziering, and April, portrayed by Tara Reid, face down shark-tossing tornadoes from ?Washington, D.C., down to Florida,? the network announced earlierthis year along w...

Free Month Sling TV on Xbox One
Yesterday Sling TV announced their launch on Xbox One. Xbox live gold members can download the App on their Xbone and receive 1 month free. The first 5000 Xbox Ones purchased from or a microsoft retail store receive 3 month free Sling TV. More:

A&E, History, H2, Lifetime coming to Sling TV
These are what many people have been waiting for. A&E, History, H2 & Lifetime will be included with the $20 core package later this month. This will bring the channel count to nearly 20. Exact release date for the new channels has not been announced. Two new Extra add-ons have also been released. Lifestyles extra includes TruTV, WeTV, Cooking Channel & DYI. World News Extra includes Bloomberg, HL...

Space Weather Message
Been getting a lot of these lately...... Space Weather Message Code: ALTK08 Serial Number: 18 Issue Time: 2015 Mar 17 1401 UTC ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 8 Threshold Reached: 2015 Mar 17 1358 UTC Synoptic Period: 1200-1500 UTC Active Warning: Yes NOAA Scale: G4 - Severe NOAA Space Weather Scale descriptions can be found at Potential Impac...

Chinese Broadcasters Sue for Piracy
Dish, Chinese Broadcasters Sue Streaming Service for Piracy

Satellites: a glimpse inside a secret world
Back in 1945, when science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke conjured up the idea of an Earth-orbiting broadcast satellite, he neglected to patent it: he couldn?t imagine one being built in his lifetime. He wasn?t the only one caught off guard when the Soviet Union sprung a satellite on the world just 12 years later ? sleek, silvery Sputnik 1, begetter of a million fancy light fittings and a slew of ...

-12 Monkeys- Renewed for Season 2 on Syfy
Syfy announced today that the widely praised adventure thriller 12 Monkeys has been greenlit for a second season, expected to air in 2016. With Natalie Chaidez prepping her next Syfy series (UCP and Valhalla Productions' Hunters), Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett (Nikita), co-executive producers and writers of the pilot, will be stepping up to serve as EP/Showrunners. Atlas Entertainment's Richard...

Sling TV the leader in cord cheaters
"According to new research from The Diffusion Group (TDG), more than 20% of adult broadband users that stream video from an online subscription service are ?cord cheaters,? consumers who access these services using the account name and password of someone that does not reside in the same household." TDG: ?Cord Cheating? Common among US Subscription Streamers

FTC: DirecTV two-year contract adds up to false advertising
The Federal Trade Commission has charged satellite TV provider DirecTV with deceptive advertising. The pay-TV firm's ads that promise a discounted 12-month programming package are deceptive because the deal requires a two-year contract, the agency says. DirecTV does not clearly disclose that fact, the FTC charges, or that the programming cost will increase up to $45 more monthly in the second ye...

Cable TV Getting Hammered by Streaming Services Like Netflix
Cable TV viewership is getting hammered as consumers flock to streaming services like Netflix, with numbers from Nielsen showing a 12 percent decline in the first three months of 2015. The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau concluded at a trade group meeting last week that 40 percent of third and fourth quarter declines in viewership can be attributed to consumers opting for Internet-based stream...

All-HD DirecTV ?
Will DIRECTV Go All-HD In 2015?

AZBox in the news
Alianza closes illegal AZBox FTA operations

"The retail price is expected to be $15 a month when purchased directly from HBO, or about what consumers pay when they order HBO through their cable, satellite or telco provider." International Business Times HBO In Talks With Apple To Be Launch Partner For Coming Web Service 'HBO Now': Exclusive

AMC,IFC, Epix now on Sling TV
AMC & IFC have been added to the $20 base package. Epix 1,2,3, Epix Drive in & Sundance are now available in the the Hollywood Extra Add On pack for +$5

A Satellite Exploded in Orbit and No One's Quite Sure Why Yet
How many satellites would you say are currently orbiting the Earth? A few hundred? Maybe a thousand? No: There are about 3,700 satellites hurtling through orbit above us?so when one of them "breaks up," it's a big deal. This week, reported that a Department of Defense satellite exploded on February 3rd, creating a debris field of 43 objects. The satellite in question? The 13th in a 1990...